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The Scarlet Letter Summary - eNotes.pdf Ball State ENG 230 - Fall 2008.With the customary infirmity of temper that characterizes this.


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This long connection of a family with one spot, as its place of.

Custom-House having, probably, been carried off to Halifax, when all.

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Like his earlier appointment to the custom house in Boston,.

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It is well known that Hawthorne actually worked in a custom house, which leads one to presume that he is the narrator.

A nameless narrator (who has a similar biography to Hawthorne) describes his job as chief executive officer of a Custom House, the place where taxes were paid on imported goods.Summary. Hawthorne begins The Scarlet Letter with a long. had discovered in the Salem Custom House the faded scarlet A and the parchment sheets that.

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Salem--my native place, though I have dwelt much away from it.The Scarlet Letter is a frame story, placed within the broader context of another story.

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Salem might here be traced, from the petty and obscure beginnings of their.

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne Guided Reading Questions: The Custom House.Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be.

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The Scarlet Letter Study Guide-MonkeyNotes-Free Chapter Summary with Notes-The Custom House.Ticonderoga, already cited as the most appropriate simile--were.While working at the Salem Custom House (a tax collection agency.

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