Pros and cons of term limits in congress

State senators might get two, and legislators in populous or wealthy states might get a handful at the most.Mounting frustrations with the size and scope of the United States federal government have ebbed and flowed over the years with calls for a Constitutional Convention.Patty Murray on education, Maria Cantwell on aviation and internet policy, Orrin Hatch on taxation, and on and on.

With no need to be reelected, officials focus their second term on lining their pockets.

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I remember when people were making a little of nothing and the moment they gave a raise.Representatives who have recently been elected should also find it easier to promote an agenda or make themselves heard by removing the control of more senior members.TN05 22-year old male Debates: 78 Wins: 80.33% Percentile: 99th Elo Ranking: 3,891 Ideology: Liberal Party: Other Online: Right Now.

Think you know everything there is to know about term limits by this point.Do not use derogatory, demeaning, or otherwise inflammatory titles.

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Refreshing congress with a large proportion of new members after every election may sound appealing to those voters who are frustrated with the current state of affairs but it could lead to even more paralysis by preventing representative from learning how to navigate a complicated system.Everyone would love to see bad lawmakers get the boot - but the problem is, the good ones get booted too.

Also, what industry deliberately fires experienced people and replaces them with fresh faces just to shake things up.Comment: If a Democrat gets elected, I want them to be in for life.Office holders are required to respond to the interests of their constituency but this can at times be at odds with the representatives personal view of what would be best.Best Answer: Pro: Professional Congressmen that know how the system works Con: Professional Congressmen that know how the system works.

Defined terms free politicians from the burden of facing voters by creating lame duck sessions when the limit has been reached.Proponents of Term Limits Proponents in the term limit debate argue that they ensure a wider range of perspectives in government and prevent power from being consolidated in one person, which could easily happen due to the popularity or privilege of a particular individual.They do this by putting a restriction on the number of terms someone may be elected to a public office.

This allows more radical factions of the caucus to then openly defy the party leader and make it difficult for things to pass or the political party as a whole to be protected from some more controversial votes.

Comment: Term limits are necessary to prevent any single politician from having too much power.Unfortunately turnout for primaries are quite low as most people will just hold their noise on Election Day and pull the lever for that R or D instead of the name attached to it.

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This can lead to corruption and raise questions about the integrity of the system.Debates: 507 Wins: 92.11% Percentile: 100th Elo Ranking: 8,223 Ideology: Not Saying Party: Not Saying Online: 1 Day Ago.That lobbyist knows more about healthcare that the legislator just by virtue of him having done it longer.We found that term limits have virtually no effect on the types of people elected to office—whether measured by a range of demographic characteristics or by ideological predisposition.

Debates: 64 Wins: 83.33% Percentile: 99th Elo Ranking: 3,692 Ideology: Libertarian Party: Democratic Party Online: 2 Days Ago.Many have sufficiently addressed the pros and cons of that decision,.New submissions will not appear until approved by a moderator.

Submissions should be inviting and pertain to the topic you want to discuss.The Effects of Legislative Term Limits By Jennifer Drage Bowser.Yes. No. The current Congress is a dismal failure and is desperate need of new ideas, procedures, and influence.Deonatus 20-year old male Debates: 4 Wins: 100.00% Percentile: 0th Elo Ranking: 2,316 Ideology: Libertarian Party: Republican Party Online: 3 Days Ago.

In fact, over the history of the United States, term limits have, at times, been relaxed in order to allow a particularly strong leader to stay in power in a crisis situation, as in the case of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

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Within the United States, policies on term limits for officials elected to state or local offices vary, with some localities enforcing them and others having no such policy.In fact, the twenty second amendment to the constitution states that the President of the United States will not be allowed to seek election to the office more than twice.

The lobbyists have been around longer than ANY legislators, so they know more, have bigger networks, and are relied upon for expertise.If we had sent them each home after a single term, the Senate would have no experts at all.In todays heated political climate, experience is often used as a derogatory insult by opponents.

What are the pros and cons of the US system of government?