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He worked at a PR agency, she worked in marketing at Google.Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site.

Founded in 1998, the website has become such an institution that in its short existence, it has changed not only the way we process the endless data found on the information superhighway, but also the way we think and talk about the Internet.Soon after Google was created, the trademarked company name became a popular verb.Google means every. a play on the mathematical term googol which is a one followed by 100 zeroes.


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Kasner popularized the concept in his 1940 book Mathematics and the Imagination.

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Other names for googol include ten duotrigintillion on the short scale, ten thousand sexdecillion on the long scale, or ten sexdecilliard on the Peletier long scale.The number 10 raised to the power googol,. one side has the definition.

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The same scans are indexed by Google Books, but only accessible as snippet view.A whole new industry has sprung up around Google, including the new field of search-engine optimization or SEO, which works to boost the ranking of a name or term in Google and other search-engine results.Origin: Made up in 1938 by the nine year old Milton Sirrota, the nephew of mathematician Edward Kasner who had asked Milton for the hypothetical number of 10 to the 100th.

This small mark has two primary uses: to signify possession or omitted letters.

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To fully benefit, you must understand its capabilities. A play on the mathematical term googol.Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets.In a sense, Google is just bringing computing back to the way it was supposed to be.Explanation of Google million. googol An extremely large number.

Data warehouses are an obsolete concept 7) A key field must a.

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