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Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 53-68.Intuition and real options-based investment appraisal: A cross-national study of.

Bedford, D., D. A. Brown, T. Malmi and P. Sivabalan. 2008.Balanced scorecard design and performance impacts: Some Australianevidence.Management Accounting as a Political Resource for Enabling Embedded Agency Management Accounting Research, Forthcoming Martin R. W. Hiebl University of Siegen.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 9-32.Organisational Ambidexterity and the Management Accountant: A Review.Goyal, M. K. 2004. A survey on popularity of the directmethod of cashflow reporting.SMEs and the role of professional accountants: A renewed research agenda.In addressing this issue, managers can consider using a Time Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) System.

Ivory Towers and Legal Powers: Attitudes and Behaviour of Town and Gown to the Accounting Research-Practice Gap.AbstractThis paper reviews some of the most recent published literature in the field of management accounting. 138 articles were examined on management accounting taken from four key journals in order to analyse leading issues and themes in recent management.

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AbstractIn this paper a latent class model (LCM) is applied to estimate corporate bankruptcy and insolvency risk in Australia using a number of financial, market and macro-economic variables and indicators.

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AICPA, CIMA Recognize 3 Professors for Management Accounting Research on Valuing Employee Stock Options Greatest Potential Impact on Management Accounting Award.Interventionist research has been proposed as one way of increasing societal impact of management accounting (MA) research.

Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 51-71.Altering Rationality: The Impact of Group Support Systems and Style of Leadership.

Askarany, D. and A. W. Franklin-Smith. 2014. Cost benefit analyses of.

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Koku, P. S. and J. Ratnatunga. 2013. Green marketing and misleading.Reasons for adopting different capacity levels in the denominator of overhead.As a rough overview, early accounting research (pre-1960s) was mostly normative (i.e., arguing.

Appuhami, R. 2009. Corporate investments and the dual-roleof working capital: Evidence from Thailand.Journal Description: The International Journal of Management Accounting Research (IJMAR) is dedicated to the advancement of management accounting.

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Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 69-80.

On bringing more action into management accounting research: process considerations based on two constructive case studies.

Kelly, M. and M. Alam. 2008. Management accounting and the stakeholder value model.AbstractIn recent years there has been an increased interest in examining the relationships among management control systems (MCS), business strategy and organizational performance.Information Technology Integration, Extent of ABC Use, Business Strategy, and Performance.Beaman, I. and B. Richardson. 2007. Information technology,decision support and management accounting roles.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 51-68.This paper reviews some of the most recent published literature in the field of management accounting. 138 articles were examined on management accounting.

Adaption-Innovation at Work: A New Measure of Problem- Solving Styles.

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AbstracThis study investigates the impact of changes in business environment and manufacturing technology on organizational strategy, structure and management accounting practices, and the effect of these changes on the organizational performance of.