Computer science dissertations

They called this design technique degree-driven algorithm design.Objects carried over from the atlas into the target serve as reasonable initial segmentations and can be further refined by a model-based segmentation method.I describe how to choose pairs of rendered images so that most of the needed portions of the scene are visible in these images.HIGHLAND: a graph-based parallel processing environment for heterogeneous local area networks, Douglas E.Participants occupied spaces lit with higher intensities for longer periods of time and gazed longer at objects that were displayed under higher lighting contrast.If the perceptual cues behind the determination of realism were understood, then rendering algorithms could be developed to directly target these cues.Problems that arise when materialized views are maintained incrementally are discussed, and solutions to those problems are proposed.

The applicability of an aggregation technique of Simon and Ando to the problem of finding the equilibrium probability vector of a finite, nearly decomposable Markov chain is investigated.Secondly, we present novel cache-oblivious layout algorithms for polygonal meshes and hierarchies to minimize the expected number of cache misses for a wide variety of applications.Cross-layer schemes for performance optimization in wireless networks, Quanmin Ye.We believe that the requirements of functional language features can be satisfied through careful architectural design.

By altering the example model, a wide variety of objects can be produced.This collection of MIT Theses in DSpace contains selected theses and dissertations from all MIT departments.The conclusion explores the potential factors in those discrepancies and reiterates the claim that image quality assessments based upon fundamental principles of visual perception might eventually be utilized successfully for medical image interpretation tasks.An ideal human-machine interface for virtual environments should empower the user to feel and orient objects by providing force feedback.To create object representations that are invariant to magnification, one must tie the measurement scale to the size of the objects involved.The study shows that queue monitoring performs better than a policy that statically chooses a display latency or an adaptive policy that simply increases display latency to accommodate the longest observed delay.Although a translator writing system was not available for the command language of the operational environment, the human-factors debugging period (necessary for all user-oriented systems) revealed the desirability of such.

The main issues standing in the way of sort-first implementation are load balancing and management of a migrating primitive database.Porta-SIMD is an optimally portable, full-featured, SIMD language.

While these methods are developed in the context of electrical power systems, they should generalize to other large-scale scientific and engineering applications.An intelligent software design argumentation methodology for capturing and analyzing design rationale from multiple perspectives, Scott L.This computational approach is realized in two novel and complementary see-through near-eye display designs.While recent years have seen exciting advances in this area, a number of important issues still remain open.Through the abstract pipeline, the user can write shading procedures or procedures for other graphics tasks without needing to know the details of the machine architecture.This research is an exploratory case study of ease-of-use factors in man-computer interfaces.These experiments investigate the following visual factors: shadow softness, surface smoothness, number of objects, mix of object shapes, and number of light sources.We develop a transmission control algorithm based on this framework and demonstrate that the algorithm can deliver low-latency, high-fidelity conferences even on heavily congested networks.

The main focus of this research is on correspondence across human cortical surfaces.

The 2D image positions of the flashing beacons inside the field of view of the cameras are recorded and reported in real time.OSHL allows a general form of semantics which is represented as a ground decision procedure on Herbrand terms.

We present two approaches for efficient closed-loop guidance of steerable needles to targets within clinically acceptable accuracy while safely avoiding sensitive or impenetrable anatomical structures.GENSENG employs a negative binomial regression, which is a special case of generalized linear model (GLM) to account for confounding factors such as mappability or GC content.Neither the search query nor the result is revealed to an honest-but-curious proxy or malicious server during the process.In order to prevent data analysis from becoming a bottleneck, there is an evident need for fast and efficient analysis methods.We found that change in heart rate was the most sensitive of the physiological measures (and was more sensitive than most of the self-reported measures) and correlated best among the physiological measures with the reported presence measures.Textures created by simulation on a mesh do not have the problems of texture distortion or seams between patches that are artifacts of some other methods of texturing.On the surface, lock-free objects may seem to be unsuitable for hard real-time systems because accesses to such objects are not guaranteed to complete in bounded time.